Aging Gracefully Class Track #1

Aging Gracefully

“Aging Gracefully with Healthy Longevity” Track #1

It is all about adjusting our lifestyle so we can become healthier, live longer, and not be in the “Pills and Surgery” line as much. Changing our lifestyle takes some effort but can be done in little steps that are easier to take. In next year's classes, we'll focus on these major areas that, when addressed as an integrated holistic approach have shown to give positive results with our group.

Positive mindset/Sense of purpose


Exercise for mind and body

Supportive community/family

Adequate sleep

Stress reduction

You can see from the detailed flyer, that we're going to have two different classes going at the same time. They will both focus on ”Positive mindset/Sense of purpose.”  This is designed with Track #1 for people that are just starting the program, and Track #2 for those that have been in it for a while. People can take both if they want.

Track 1:  Mon. Jan 8th- Feb 12th, 6:00 pm (6 weeks)

“New Perspective on Aging” videos and “Being resilient” videos that you watch in advance of the class, online at our own pace.

Click here for detailed flyer

No charge for these sessions on Zoom. Love offering accepted. For information or to be put on the email list to receive class info and links, contact Chris Garey