Life Ahead

By Janice Lamont

As the planet revolves around the dying sun, we surely know the unraveling is to come

I would have us matured and blossomed and been mindful tenants who have brought us from injury to wholeness, from scarcity to abundance and from sorrow to a song of oneness

Knowledge of the dying Sun is a springboard. We use our God-given gifts to love and enhance all life on earth even as it spirals to it’s inevitable disintegration.

We love our children from the time they’re born even as we know they, too, will die. We love and enhance all life as we acknowledge this truth of our being

We feel the earth suffer because we are of it and  through the current climate crisis we begin to reconnect to earth and the way of the sun

Perhaps we will one day re-integrate on another planet in another orbit in another galaxy and science fiction will be non